Shaghayegh Javadi


Biosensors development

My collaboration with the Zimmer & Peack (ZP) company is focused on the research and development of biosensors with electrochemical and microarray dispensing methods. Zimmer & peacock AS is a biotechnology company that manufactures sensors and biosensors. At the ZP, we functionalize biosensors to detect for example protein. We use automatic microarray functionalization method for which I've been responsible for, in addition to scientific consulting.

Experimental investigation of fluid chemistry effect on adhesive properties of Calcite grains
PhD project

Chalk compaction and subsequent seabed subsidence have been a major issue in many geological settings and oil reservoirs such as Ekofisk field in Norway. This is due to the fact that water can weaken the chalk structure, a phenomenon that refers to water weakening . During my PhD, we investigated the findings that macroscopic mechanical strength of the carbonate rocks is controlled by the chemical and physio-chemical processes at the grain contacts. Our investigation was focused on how the processes, by which nano-scale interfacial forces operating between two calcite surfaces, are influenced by the pore fluid chemistry. We used calcite because it is the main component of chalk (~99%). As for the force measurement techniques, we used Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Surface Force Apparatus (SFA). [You can read more about these two techniques by clicking on the following images.]

This project was funded by the National IOR Centre of Norway. The experimental work took place at the Physics department, University of Oslo, under supervision of Dr. Anja R√łyne , whom I undoubtedly learnt a lot from along this path.