Social media, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are full of posts related to the March 8th and all the women who have made changes in history. I'm writing this piece here, not because I have any objection to celebrate women and all the changes they have made as a human being over the years of history; I only have problem with the misinterpretation of the whole concept of such an occasion. I understand that there are still many countries and cultures wherein there is no understanding of gender equality. Talking about our knowledge on equality is one way of education, and we must work towards international education and development for a better world. That, I understand and vote for totally; but what I don't understand is that some people try to make a big deal out of today, when they try to just move with the flow without making an effort to think differently. The day after, all that movement will be forgotten and they're back to their usual behaviour by putting so much pressure on a specific group of people, i.e., the women. You will be amazed when you realise that "open-minded" looking people still believe that if a woman wants a career, she shall work harder to cope with all her duties as a mother, daughter, or/and wife in addition to be a multitasker at work! I believe that separating a group of people from the rest of society is itself accounted as discrimination.

I think that we all must try to change the way we see people. We must teach our children that those creatures with two legs and two arms pass by you everyday are human beings, their gender does make no difference at all. What they believe and capable of should be our main concern and nothing else.

Let's hope for a brighter world for the next generation, when there is no sacrifice must be taken by a specific group for the rest to live their dreams :)

It was 3 years and 4 months ago when I last updated my blog! Where did all that time go? How did I forget about "Me" time? Couldn't I find some time over that period to update my webpage? or I made other tasks in priorities and left personal tasks on the side? Was it worth it? I asked myself all these questions when I looked into the "my website" folder on my computer. I couldn't even remember how to update a website! I had to think for a few minutes to refresh my memory for that. The answer to all these questions is "My PhD". Yes the PhD project took my time and energy all for itself that stopped me from doing things I always wanted to do. But when I look back, I would say that it was a real challenge and definitely worth doing it, I have no single regret on that.