You must be a woman to understand what I'm talking about tonight! You definitely need to be a woman to know how it feels spending some quality time with your girl friends! To talk to them freely (I mean tell them everything, the stuff that no one knows. Share it with them without any worries of being over judged or left alone). To laugh with them carelessly and forget everything else in your life at that moment! You must be a woman to know how it feels going for shopping with your very good friend! Try on any piece of clothes in the shop, even the most silly ones! And laugh loudly! Louder than anyone can imagine! Louder than school kids on a very busy day on bus or metro! when you're so tired that you can't even stay with yourself! School kids make the loudest noise ever just right in front of you! and you only wish to find a very polite and non-offensive way to shut them up! But you think, just leave them. Leave them to be happy. Leave them to be themselves, to enjoy their time, to make memories. In furture, they're gonna need that to go back to those memories and smile even for a few minutes! Just like me! just like you, like anyone else! like any other girls who have, at least once, acted as silly with her girl friends! Yes, you must be a woman to feel what I feel right now!

I'm missing my good friends tonight! Missing them so much! Those I left behind in any country I once lived for a while! Despite of how much I love learning experiences out of living in different countries, I hate it! That moment of leaving your girl friends and saying goodbye to them! Those moments have been carved deeply in my heart! Even then, at very that moment, you know deep in your heart that you will never going to find someone like her ever! And your memories are not going to repeat ever again! You must be a woman to know what I feel right now!