Eight years ago today I first landed in Melbourne , Australia for the first time. The country that I now love from the bottom of my heart and know it as my second home. I was reborn in that country, where I planned to stay only for 3 months but ended up to 2 years and 3 months ful of joy and experiences. I will forever cherish my time and beautiful friends I found there from the very beginning. I gained tons of experiences over that limited amount of time, through which I became a completely different person. Here I am today that reshaped "clay character" from down under.

On June 21st 2007, during my layover in the KL airport , I met a couple waiting for their flight to Melbourne. They were actually lost in the connecting train between the terminals. Luckily, their flight was the same flight as mine. We started walking towards the gate while talking as like we are no strangers. That flight to Melbourne gone quite fast for me, although it was about 8 hours in total. Having them in my life has been a real bliss from that first moment till now. I've been sorrounded by their true and unconditional love since then, something that I cherish forever.

Today is the day that I should celebrate my relationship with them and the starting point for all beautiful and meaningful experiences I gained by living in Australia.

Today is, truly and deeply, a very special day for me.