Yes, it's too good to be true ;) can't believe it! We are up in the north, at 59.9° N, and still enjoying the 30 something celcius temperature ;) Global warming, ha?!!!!

It was truly an experience one must have in lifetime ;) Couldn't believe how different this could be from my other experiences! The temperature was unusually high, above 35 °C, but water temperature was still as cold to feel chilly at the beginning! Very refreshing though. Swimming freely without the fear of invading any marine animal's territory, was a dreamy experience to me.

Last night, I came across a post on facebook about Haruki Murakami's memoir about his obsession with running and writing, What I Talk About When I Talk About Running. Thought of then writing something about my running experience. I still count myself as a beginner though. Even at this level you get to know your body as you put it in movement. I have to confess that at the beginning I could run only for 2 minutes! and then walk for 10 minutes to get my breath back! The satisfaction I get out of this athletic pursuit is not so easy to describe here. I can now run for 20 minutes non-stop, walk for 5 minutes and again another 20 minutes. Speed doesn't really matter to me, only if I can make it longer, timewise, will be very happy. Once I get close to the end point, I experience numbness in my legs which makes me want to pass over that point and run forever! I'm sure soon I will be able to run longer as I'm not gonna give up in the act as long as I'm around. I rememember one of my freinds who had the same experience said once to me "once you experience that numbness in your legs, such as you quaff a bottle of wine, you want to run forever until you collapse". I'm willing to experience it by myself and write about it here in more detail. Until then, wish me luck :)