I don't know whether they've made any facebook icon represents as "feeling honored" or not! If they haven't I should've taken a photo of my face tonight and post it to them ;) I'm sure they could make something cartoonish out of it :)

Through my project I get introduced to an instrument pioneered by Prof. Jacob Israelachvili so called SFA. I'm not going to talk about science here in this blog though. What I'm about to describe is the true honorary feeling of getting to know him and talking to him in person. His fountain of knowledge on science and also history of science is way beyond my imagination. He is someone with a very special charactor and incredibly humble. Despite of the fact that he's very well known to all scientists, specialised in this subject, he still introduces himself as no one has ever heard of his name! In fact he's not expecting anyone to know him.

Tonight, I had an amazing professional dinner with my colleagues, honored by Jacob's presence. I couldn't help writing about it! ' '