Today is the first day of writing something here on this blog! When I look back the first date I started designing this website, March 2012, can't believe that took me so long to apply all my plans to it! I don't know whether I shall look for an excuse for it or just leave it quiet as it's so embarassing to even talk about it! When I think about of life and all the left out plans we had once uopn a time, scares the hell out of me! Am I going to die with so many "to do's" in my bucketlist?! What if it's going to happen! I should get started right away with the simplest one. These are my thoughts since yesterday! It resulted running this blog today ;) Actually, I came across a book this morning, written by Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughter, Serena J. Dyer, . I haven't read it myself yet, but I'm going to do so as it's related to my recent thoughts. I also thought of sharing it here, you might like have a look at it, if you are like me interested in these kind of books ;)