The last 9 months of my stay in Australia, back in 2009, I met someone whose lifepath was in the oposite direction of mine! He never chose to pursue his education after high school! To him, education in University was waste of time! Instead, he started working from the very young age, migrated to Australia and then his own business. After building up a successful business and providing job opportunities for many other people, he decided to retire at the age of 45 and learn more experiences out of travelling and living stress free ;) He never stopped learning. No matter where he is and under what circumstances he tries to learn something. I'm just saying that you don't have to have an Academic degree to hold your enthusiasm up in the highest level to learn! In fact, for many academic people around me this enthusiasm has long gone! The only skill you need is to learn how to keep your vitality ;) Something that you never learn in school nor University!

Cheers to him and people like him that I haven't met yet ;)

I can't really remember since when I started to love my birthday so much! Even thinking of it, from a month earlier gives me a joy, deep in my heart. This might sound a bit childish, but it's O.K. to feel like a kid once in a year ;) Actually, it's O.K. to be happy as a kid the whole year along. As a kid, we all have a dream of growing up to be able to act as our very first role models, mummy and daddy. To gain that capability of doing everything, anything comes along! This enthusiasm for my birthday arrival might come from that feeling! However, today I'm old enough to not dreaming of getting older! :D my mind doesn't seem to care about my biological age though!

Like all girls, my dad was my hero while my mum was, and still is, my true angel. I remember in most of my childhood dreams my mum was appearing as a beautiful white dressed angel to save me from the boogy men! And only her existance was enough for all of them to disappear straight away! I still, very seldom though, have those kind of dreams with her as my saviour! Last night, I had a dream of my mum in labour. I woke up furiously to cause that much pain to her! What a dream, the night before my special day! For whole day, I couldn't help thinking of her and being ashamed at the same time!