Mathematics and mostly physics have been my very strong interest for a very long time. This is actually my dad's discovery about me. I remember he used to stay up even after midnight, regardless of how tired he was after having a long day at work, to teach me how to think, how to analyze and how to question. To not living in obscurity. And my mum, who used to take over him when he was travelling for work. She taught me to be completely independent and responsible to my own dreams, to my own life. I owe my life to their amazing way of parenting. I moved apart from them in June 2007, to learn and experience more while I still have time to be around. I moved out of the country I was born in, Iran, to experience how other people live and think in different countries and cultures. To analyse their lifestyles and compare it with what I learned over the 28 first years of my life. I have lived in 3 different countries, and 3 different continents. I have worked with different universities and research institutes around the globe. Going through all my experiences is not in the main aim of this website, however who I am today is the result of those experiences.

As my work expereince, besides teaching physics in high school and college level; I started my research on renewable energies, specifically solar energy, back home in Iran; when I joined the Iranian solar energy society. After my move to Australia, Melbourne, I joined the Energy care group , at RMIT University . I was trying to develop a method to improve the efficiency of solar water heating system, solar tubes, under supervision of Prof. Akbarzadeh . While I was a physics TA (teacher assistant), for undrgraduate students in the mechanical engineering department at RMIT. My move to Germany resulted achieving my master degree by studying in two universities, Siegen and George-August University Göttingen . And also one brilliant year of working in the Max-Planck society. Soon after submiting my master thesis, I started my PhD position in the Max-PLanck institute for Dynamics and Self-organisation in Göttingen. Besides the wonderful experience and scientific improvements I earned during my stay there, I had a priviledge of working in the first campus of Max-Planck institute, where Max-PLanck himself had his office in. My office and labs were only a few meteres down the same hall. Walking his former office by every morning felt quite strange and fun at the same time ;)

Regardless of the loads of scientific experiences I earned by living in Germany, my husband and I decided to move to Norway, Oslo, to experience another lifestyle and culture. Due to this move, I changed my subject slightly. It consequented my current work at Physics department, University of Oslo. Let's see where I will be ended up from here!

As my strong belief, this universe works in an amazing way. From the tiniest particle in this planet, Quark, to
the biggest mass all have lots of properties which each would be enough for one scientist’s life time to discover. Hope I can discover something before my time is over.


P.S. sending an email to "[email protected]" is the quickest way to reach me.