Eight years ago, at the same time I entered Australia for the first time. The country that I had no clue how it runs. The misterious country that I heard a lot about but you never trust what other people say! You should experience it all by yourself. You should touch it and feel it, then analyze it in your own way.

On my way to Melbourne, I had a stop change in Kuala Lumpur airport, where I met a couple whose destination was same as mine. We soon could get along as theye were so welcoming and adorable. Later on, they turned to be my best friends. From that moment on, I've been sorrounded by their true and unconditional love till right to this moment. I'm feeling blessed for having them in my life.

Today is the day that I should celebrate and cherish. In fact, I should cherish my relationship with them and all the beautiful and meaningful experiences I gained by living in Australia.

Today is, truly and deeply, a very special day for me.